Our Guarantees

Your Bellanita product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects acknowledged by the Bellanita factory, for a two-year period from date of purchase. The guarantee is only valid upon presentation of the Bellanita certificate properly filed in, signed/stamped and dated you received with your purchase.

Bellanita only guarantees products sold directly by an authorized Bellanita dealer and/or directly from our website Bellanita.com

The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear and/or damage caused by loss, theft, improper use, accident, intentional or improper handling. It also does not cover any moisture or water damage.

Only service centers approved by Bellanita are authorized to handle repairs of your Bellanita product. Bellanita products under guarantee will be repaired free of charge and cannot be returned for credit or be exchanged.

Bellanita is not liable any sort of legal damages arising from the failure or malfunction of the Bellanita product. Any recovery of damages against Bellanita may not be higher than the purchase price of the product.

No one is authorized to change the terms of this guarantee at hand and the authorized Bellanita retailers are exclusively responsible for any other form of guarantee they might issue.

For more information, please contact us via our contact us page.