Inspired by innovation and the creation of beautiful fine jewelry, the brand Bellanita was born. Our passion for excellence, design, innovation and creativity are shown in each Bellanita piece of fine jewelry.

All Bellanita products are manufactured by highly skilled and qualified craftsmen who pay utmost attention to detail and finish of your special piece of fine jewelry. Bellanita pieces undergoes strict quality control and is guaranteed to be manufactured using fine quality Diamonds. Each piece of Diamond is carefully selected and beautifully hand set by expert designers.

Bellanita welcomes you to a creative world of Fine Diamond Jewelry like no other!

The collections:

Flip collection

The flip collection is unique in a way that it gives you two pieces for the price of one. Each jewelry piece is able to flip giving you a completely different look and color unique for that special occasion. The Bellanita Flip Collection brings you a unique style of jewelry like no other.

Floating collection

The floating collection allows you to float away with the bangles because the diamonds on the bangles float from side to side as you move. The exotic design is unique in the world and only available with Bellanita.